Emilia. Paintings by this unique artist pull at the sole. It takes very little for one to see the wide spectrums of emotion that she displays in all facets of her work.

While her formal training was achieved at the Academy of Visual Arts in 1998, Emilia has been involved with art and design, their history and development for years.

“I use different techniques, forms, composition color and emotion in my paintings.” It only takes a moment to understand the very deep meaning of her statement.

“I am primarily focused on expressing the qualities, and texture of the painting’s surface. I wish to liberate myself from any form, coping reality and nature in my art. I don’t want to show the real object, I want to use the colors and forms freely.”

We are extremely please to be able to offer to you the very soothing – and yet very emotional paintings of Emilia, a woman that continues to provide a unique pleasure to the owners of her very special works of art.