Pia was born in 1928. She claims artistic “Savoir faire” since the age of seven, when she painted side by side with other accomplished members of her family.

Always fascinated by color coordination, she attended and graduated from the New York School of Interior Decoration. Influenced by the atmosphere of Greenwich Village, she succumbed to her great love and majored in art at New York University where she graduated with honors.

Early in her art career she worked out a control system with watercolors that was to greatly aid her in recent years with other mediums. She specifically loves to do florals which, to her, represent life, beauty and the broadest challenge of color. Employing a heavy knife technique, her renderings are exquisitely third dimensional. Her flowers are lovely and delicately arranged, the colors superbly coordinated.

Her home is in California where she is happily married and the mother of two boys. It was here that her name first came into prominence and, like stepping stones, her work and name have moved back East via the gallery system that sells and compounds her fame.