At the age of 14, Walfrido apprenticed with his father. His duties included being a teacher's assistant at their home studio. By the age of 17 Walfrido began teaching classes and workshops of his own. At that time he began showing in fine art galleries in Monterey and Carmel plus attended Ohlone College and San Jose State University. He majored in Graphic Design and studied art history, photography, watercolor, 3 dimensional, and figure drawing and painting. His teachers included award winning watercolorists and oil painters. His chosen medium is oil painting. The ability to reach deep colors and transparent hues were taught to him by his father, the works of the “Old Masters” and nature herself.

Walfrido continued to show locally until 1987 when upon his first visit to the Hawaiian Islands he found representation. His works spread their way into collections from the Far East, Europe and the United States. Now they can be found in the top galleries in the most desired locations. With 30 years of painting and touring he has sold out many limited editions, thousands of originals and is considered to be one of the top seascape artist alive today.

His style has been described as “Romantic Realism”, the blending of photographic elements with the dramatic use of light. Most of the subjects are inspired by real places which Walfrido has traveled. He often takes pictures and video for reference, sketches out a composition and starts the painting process in the studio. A majority of works are painted on location during his travels. From the awe inspiring Napali coast, out of this world lavascapes of the Big Island and the tranquil seas of Europe and the U.S, collectors and fans have been delighted by his heartfelt compositions.

“I try to make each and every painting sing as if you can hear the light and color through your heart. It helps to be a true romantic because the scenes I like to paint are scenes that should be shared with a loved one. My desire is to have they viewer respond to my work similar to what I feel as I am creating it. We are all tied together through light whether it be a sunset, sunrise or moonlight which makes it go without boundaries. My favorite are those scenes that evoke feelings of peace, tranquility and joy”. I feel that I am reflecting love of God which I see through nature.”

We are very pleased to offer to you the very special talents of one of Hawaii's finest artists, Mr. Walfrido Garcia.