A.D. (AUBREY DALE) GREER, an artist of tremendous appeal to all who met him. An artist, poet, lecturer, story-teller and illustrator, Greer became a legend among Texas landscape painters, not only because of his popularity, but for the prices which his romantic art commanded. He began life in a very rough setting by today’s standards, having been born in the Oklahoma Territory and taken at a young age by covered wagon to neighboring Kansas. During his years there, art was a major source of interest and stayed with him throughout. While attending school in a major military institute, Greer became involved with boxing and eventually achieved national acclaim in the ring – but it was art that continued to pull at him. While following his boxing career, he found multiple outlets for his art; painting murals on restaurant walls, lettering signs of all kinds, anything to pay the bills. However, in 1934, Greer’s pathway to art stardom was about to raise its head. While working on a project of his which produced stage curtains, he had the opportunity to showcase is art by painting landscapes which featured the likes of Grand Canyon and Yosemite Falls – something no one had done at that time. Upon seeing Greer's art, he was asked permission to publish two of his paintings which became nationally known. The rest is art history. During his life, Greer commissioned work for Charles Lindburg, Will Rogers, Governor Allan Shrivers of Texas. His painting "Cattle Country" was purchased by Lyndon B. Johnson and exhibited at the White House during his presidency. In 1980, A.D. was made an Honorary Texas Ranger. Mr. Greer stated, on more than one occasion, that his greatest influences were Robert Wood, Thomas Moran, Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Church; not bad company! A.D. Greer passed away at the age of 93.