Anthony Casay
1942 - 2010
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Anthony Casay, on of the most loved of America’s 20th century seascape artists – a man who never did anything half way.


Anthony was born in Spain and spent many of his younger years at the Spanish coast with his family.


His parents were musicians and it didn’t take long for the ‘arts’ to become a part of his life.  At the young age of 8, the family moved to Mexico City and shortly thereafter Anthony became involved with the theater as an actor and in his spare time, one would always find him with a paintbrush in his hand.


It didn’t take long for people to notice his artworks and while winning numerous art competitions, his painting of the “Execution of Mexican Leaders by French Soldiers” won him 1st place in a national competition.


His ambitious nature continued with his acting career as well.  At still a young age of 17, Casay began directing and producing television programs while incorporatin his own artwork as tools for learning and entertainment enjoyment of his audiences.


While in college, Casay majored in Diplomatic and Political Science.  Upon graduation, he was appointed as the Mexican Consul to the city of Los Angeles, California and it was the perfect place for his introductions to his favorite subject: seascapes!


It didn’t take long for Anthony’s artwork to begin selling across the US.  He is now collected around the world and is beloved by art aficionados everywhere.


We are indeed proud to offer to you the renown works of Anthony Casay; a great artist, a tremendous gentleman, and a man who will be greatly missed.