Charles Houglage

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Charles Houglage is, always has been and always will be a very devoted romanticist.
His life has been diverse, as many great painters lives are, but his devotion to what he puts on canvas has never wavered.

Charles was born in Paris, and spent all of his younger life there – watching the city that would shape so much of what his life would become. He had very little home life while growing up and put much of his early school years into sports, with a growing interest in the arts. His college days were spent in Paris, and although he was extremely popular with his classmates, he began to live a dual life – one that follows him even today.

Outwardly, the fast pace of social life in Paris would engulf Charles, along with the most beautiful of women that the city had to offer; he never was found “wanting” for female companionship. But inwardly, he was becoming more and more restless. He began spending his “free” time with his canvas and brushes; he began painting all that the romantic side of Paris had to offer. And Charles was especially captivated by the lights of the city late at night, where he began to spend more and more of his time painting, alone.

Although he married soon after college, his new bride was one of Paris’ most sought after “socialites”, and the time Charles spent away from his “love affair” with the city, began to tell on him. He would spend hours on the streets - watching, sketching, drawing - and would lose all commitment to anything but his painting. Needless to say, his marriage ended soon after it began and the life of Charles Houglage had been cast.

Life as an artist in Paris can be “trying” and he was no exception. His commitment to his art – and to Paris – was evident to all who watched his works progress. There were years of success – and years of what seemed to be hopelessness. His time spent with his adoring public, at parties, social events and the like, seemed only to spur on the feelings of being alone for Charles.

Today, although he has left the public’s eye, he continues to spend his time alone, with his one “true love” and paints the city of Paris with a deep, abiding affection that one rarely sees in life.

We are indeed proud to be able to offer to you the romantic works of Charles Houglage; a man in love with a city that inspires him each and every day.