Christy is a contemporary landscape/seascape artist that utilizes elements of impressionism in her pieces. Every painting has a central area of focus that pays special attention to natural light and detail. The focal areas are expressed through the use of brilliant, vibrant colors. The exclusion of black in the gray downs produces a soft, feminine appearance. The strokes of the palette knife leave pronounced textures that add to the rich depth of each painting. These technical elements harmonize to create a feeling of openness.

A natural at art, Christy developed her talent at an early age. In her childhood years, she would sketch portraits and images from her hometown, Gyongju in South Korea. She began to work with oil in her early teens, and moved to Hawaii in 1973. Surrounded with the beauty on Oahu, she enhanced her painting skills and learned to incorporate the palette knife. With vivid use of color and light, each painting reflects her imagination, her talent, and her love of art."

We are indeed pleased to offer to you the very special works of Christy Fujii.