While most of Dan Johnson’s work is self taught, he did have some formal art education in his early years. His intense passion for his painting is his driving force; and that which has brought him to the point of being one of the bright young stars in American art today.

“Often, I will attack a new painting with a method I’ve never attempted before, both to keep me on edge and to push myself in new directions artistically. No matter how proficient I become in any style, I hope these differing approaches will help maintain a sense of mystery and awe in my work.
Each new painting I attempt is given my complete attention and is my total measure of love. I strive for perfection on each new project I begin and contemplate all the elements of composition in each scene.”

Johnson’s work has been purchased by collectors throughout the United States from New York to Hawaii; and in collections as far away as Canada, Japan, England and Scandinavia."

We are very pleased to offer to you the works of Mr. Dan Johnson, one of America's finest.