Dee [Dolores] Kirby was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, where she studied art and exhibition ballroom dancing. She had been drawing and sketching since early childhood and was only ten years old when she first started working in oils. Her other major interest has always been music and dance. She would even combine these interests, moving to the rhythms of music as she was painting, so that the act of creating a painting is also an expression of music and dance.

Indeed, dance was her profession for several years. Dee came to Hawaii in 1961 to teach at the legendary Magic Dance Studio of Waikiki. She later accepted a position as a color photo retoucher - a task that drew on her painting skills and honed them even finer. By 1970 she was considered ready to exhibit her work professionally. She was presented in two solo shows at Waikiki's Artists Village International Gallery. With the success of these shows she devoted herself completely to painting, showing her work at the major galleries of the day.

Some thirty years later, prominent connoisseurs around the world collect Dee Kirby's work, including George Lucas, producer of Star Wars. She still exhibits frequently at exclusive art galleries in Hawaii, and on the continental United States. The value of her work continues to appreciate as she enjoys increasing popular and critical acclaim.

We are very pleased and proud to offer to you the beautiful works of Delores Kirby.