Dick Kearney was born in Santa Barbara, California.

Kearney, who is one of Hawaii’s renowned environmental artist, strives in all his works to portray the harmony and tension among the eco-systems of air, land and water.


Based in Hawaii, Kearney makes strong use of the lush colors of his tropical home, highlighting both the delicacy and the vibrancy of these islands of paradise.   His vision reflects a joyous appreciation of the beauty of Hawaii and a sense of the delicate balance that exists on these islands.


Many of his works center around the ocean creatures of different species which exist together in a very rare delicate balance. It is a vision that celebrates the transcendent beauty of nature and, in the process, reminds us of the higher purpose of our labors.


We are very pleased to be able to offer to you the works of Dick Kearney; an artist of - and for the islands of Hawaii.