Emma Anderson was a native of California and spent the largest part of her life in the San Francisco Bay area.

The large majority of her works were a specialty of impressionistic works depicting life and history within California and the islands of the pacific. Her paintings were always of a very soft and yet colorful presentation and were motivated by not only the places she visited, but more often by the people of those areas.

While Anderson did spend most of her time in the Bay area, many of her “wanderings” found her in Hawaii or the islands of the South Pacific; and always seemed to draw you into the presence she felt while painting.

Her love of history is forever evident in her subject matter, whether it be the settings around the land or the ocean, or with the surroundings of a village occupied by the islanders who seemed to amaze her with each new painting of their way of life.

While she was by no means ‘prolific’ with her painting talent, her works continue to surface even now.

We are indeed pleased to offer to you the talents of a very special artist from decades gone by, Emma Anderson.