Evan Eugene is a Paris born artist internationally known for his masterly impressionistic cityscapes of old Paris.

His qualities as a painter, in addition to his sensitivity, allow him to paint the street scenes of a time gone by, under their most charming, attractive and real light.

Transposed by his brushes, each spot of Paris becomes a veritable sparkling jewel. The most ordinary scene, through a sensitive, generous and elaborate palette, irresistibly fascinates and moves us.
Only through a detailed study of his canvases can we understand how this artist, with apparently simple means, can obtain such soft and yet gripping effects. His bold touch never lingers over a superfluous detail. What best proves his talent is the accuracy of his painting and the naturalness of the scene he paints, his extraordinary use of sun or rain, with reflections in the puddles in the streets.

It was therefore natural for such a talent to be recognized in France and throughout the world as that of a artist with great sensitivity and high artistic qualities. It is not surprising that his works, more valuable each day, are appreciated by many collectors worldwide.

We are indeed pleased and honored to be able to offer to you the works by Mr. Eugene.