Frank 'Hale Pua' Oda

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On October 25, 1946 Frank Oda and a partner started Hawaii Glass and Arts. Mr. Oda, prior to WWII, worked as an artist and book illustrator for the Tongg Publishing Co. where he illustrated classic Hawaiiana books such as Birds of Hawaii by George C. Munro, Common Insects of Hawaii by Fullaway & Krauss, Hawaiian Flowers and Flowering Trees by Kuch & Tongg and Hawaiian Fishes by Tucker. He also designed textiles for several companies including Von Hamm Young. Oda also worked as a product photographer and for the police department. The paintings and etched glass works sold at this time were under the name Hale Pua (House of Flowers) and Hawaii Glass and Arts. Frank Oda ended that partnership and went into business with his wife Ethel H. Oda on December 11, 1951. Arts Hawaii became a partnership in 1973 when Frank Oda’s youngest son, Gary Oda, joined the company. The largest producer of hand drawn and multiple deep etching in Hawaii, Arts Hawaii also produced air brushed paintings till 1975. Collectibles, such as glass brick vases with koa and monkeypod bases and air brushed paintings became prized possessions actively sought after worldwide. Unfortunately, Arts Hawaii closed its doors in 2007 primarily due to cheap “knock-offs” which were being flown in from China. We are indeed honored to be able to offer to you the beautiful works of Mr. Frank Oda.