Gary Lamb was born and raised along the Central California Coast, he is a pianist, composer, artist who always had a deep appreciation and love of nature. He is especially drawn to the mountains and coastal regions of Carmel, Big Sur, and the Monterey Bay where he spent many days of his youth. From an early age, Gary was called a musical prodigy, being able to play any instrument that he wanted to try. By the time he was 12, Gary was conducting a 100 piece orchestra at his school in Pacific Grove, California. His love of surfing and the ocean deepened in his teenage years and he went on to teach himself piano and drums. His attraction to the piano first became evident to his mother when Gary was only 4 years old. He called her into his aunt's parlor to show her an original piece of music. To this day, those that knew Gary as a young boy still marvel at his outstanding and natural musical talents.

Gary's composing, recording, and performing excellence became immediately evident with the release of his still top-selling debut, "A Walk In The Garden" (1987). This impressionistic solo piano offering was a break-out recording and gave the New Age genre a classical twist. "Distant Fields" (1990) achieved Top 10 status on Billboard Magazine's instrumental music charts and by now his music was being aired on national television and radio.

"Return To Eden" (1999) is Gary's exploration into the acoustic grand piano and is surely Gary's favorite of all instruments. His use of this instrument is as a master artist would paint on a canvas. And speaking of master artist, Gary’s beautiful paintings have begun to stir art critics as well. His art is as his music, soft and flowing, stirring all who have had the opportunity to view his works.

Gary has twelve piano albums, four hitting the Billboard charts (two in the Top Ten). Gary's music has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, ABC's Wide World of Sports, Melrose Place, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Entertainment Tonight, Guiding Light, and Hard Copy. Corporate recognition has come from companies such as IBM, Marriott, Disney, National Semiconductor, Apple Computers, and Bose as well as many others.

We are pleased to be able to offer to you, the splendid works of one of America’s fastest rising artists, Mr. Gary Lamb.