George Cooke
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1781 - 1834
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George Cooke was born in London, England.


He was a skilled engraver who numbered John Sell Cotman, Augustus Wall Callcott and Clarkson Stanfield among his friends and whose engraved publications included The Thames (1811), The Botanical Cabinet (1817–33) and London and its Vicinity (1826–8).


He is chiefly remembered today for:


The engravings which he brought to the public done during the explorations of Captain James Cook in the south seas.  Among the artists Cooke was responsible for in ‘after’ works, were William Hodges and John Webber; and The Southern Coast of England (1814–26), which he produced jointly with his brother William Bernard Cooke (1778–1855) and which contained 40 plates after watercolours by J. M. W. Turner and 40 by artists such as William Westall, Peter De Wint and William Collins.