In the world today, it is very difficult to find that very special artist that can reflect true color, true feel and maintain that balance between realism and impressionism.  H. Dupre is such an artist.

The works of Dupre are anything but prolific.  The time and dedication put into each of his works is very rarely found with artists of his superb quality.  Each of his paintings - reaches out and literally invites you to be 'within' the canvas; while you are transferred almost instantly to the presence of his sites.

Very little is known about H. Dupre and his history.  What is known is the growing appreciation of this artist's contribution.  It is rare to find one of his original works; and even more rare to find those who are willing to part with one once they have lived with such treasure.  We are indeed honored to be able to present to you, the outstanding works of H. Dupre.