Jacqueline Kresman

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Jacqueline Kresman grew up in San Diego, California. She seems to have made it her mission to capture on canvas every inch of the captivating shoreline of her native state. Kresman, as she signs her work, has probed that seashore since she was a child, living just a block from the beach. She took naturally to the sea-conscious environment from which she sprung. After study at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Kresman set about to develop a carefully honed expertise in painting those water creatures that would later populate her detailed tidepool paintings. Kresman on occasion, has followed Neptune's lure to other locales in his domain. Her brush and palette have stolen away scenes as disparate as the alluring tide pools of Puerto Rico to the Hawaiian curls so prized by the surfer. Kresman has had exhibits in California while her work has also been seen in many one-woman, two person and group exhibitions throughout the mainland United States, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.