James Annan is highly recognized for his beautiful seascapes and rich colors which make up the dramatic compositions of his paintings. Jim’s shapes of the sea and its waters in turmoil—provide a spectacle view of just how exciting the ocean can be. He paints so that one can explore not only the colors, but the vastness of Hawaii’s most beautiful coastlines and volcanic cliffs. “My entire life around the ocean has taught me a sincere and deep appreciation for the awesome beauty that it shows us each and every day and I’ve always known it would very special part of my life.”

Being self-taught, Annan has studied sea and landscape painting intensively in many settings around the world, and has gradually developed his own style. His paintings are characterized by natural hues that impart his subjects to a profound sense of reality. It is for this startling and unusual realism that Annan is now touted at one of the leading up and coming seascape artists in America.

Annan cites Rembrandt, Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt as being most inspirational for him. He realized the importance that high-lights, contrasted by dark, with complimentary colors were, when he first viewed the works of Rembrandt and has striven ever since to adhere to the same lighting technique used by the masters. By painting the ocean – morning, afternoon, sunset and the moon at night, Annan varies the many hues prevalent in his paintings.

We are extremely pleased to offer to you the works of Mr. James Annan, a truly gifted gentleman who brilliantly reflects his many feelings of the ocean, on canvas.