Jiang Pin Lan
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1953 -     
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Born in Taiwan, Jiang started his professional life in Los Angeles where his paintings took an immediate turn towards wildlife. He occasionally used painting as a pastime to deal with the intense pressures of supporting a family in a city that is very economically unforgiving.  Looking to escape their life in L.A., Jiang moved his family to Oregon for a quieter, more spiritual setting. He continued his painting and eventually found a true passion for exotic birds.

The very bright, brilliant, saturated colors that Jiang is so famous for, is what is captured on site when he paints a particular bird in the wild. His infatuation with these beautiful creatures, started with a trip to the zoo with his family.  He became so enthralled he wound up taking photo after photo.  Today, his attention to detail continues to catch the eye of collectors worldwide. 

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