Johnnie Fields, as a young man, was stationed in Hawaii during World War II.

Awestruck by the natural, unique beauty of the Islands, he spent every free moment capturing the colors, fragrances and feelings on canvas.

Without question, one of his favorite spots was old Lahaina town on the island of Maui. And what better setting for a young artist than that of old Hawaii with its beautiful ocean settings and gorgeous sunsets. He felt he needed to capture its unspoiled charm to hold on canvas forever.

Fields spent many days in Maui, painting everything he could find time for. His paintings have captured a time long gone for this beautiful island paradise.

Today, Fields, is a successful architect, and still spends every free moment preserving beauty on canvas. But his favorite watercolor was then, and will always be - - -- “My Old Lahaina Town”.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we present to you the works of Mr. Johnnie Fields, a true gentleman and a great artist of the Islands.