Keith Alan Huey

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Keith Alan Huey describes his work as "modern, in the true sense of the word", and when pressed to describe his style he says, "I feel my work is American , realist, with a bent toward romantic, idealistic, Post- impressionist, Impressionist". Keith studied portrait painting for 2 years with William Kufuhl at the Westlake School of Art in Ohio. . Huey spent a decade painting the wilderness in Jackson Wyoming and the surrounding areas. He has traveled to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, and Austria, painted for three winters in Hawaii, 3 1/2 month in Alaska, Yukon, and the Queen Charlotte Islands in BC, Canada.

"William Faulkner said something to the effect, "Art is painting animated reality, which is life, so that 100 years from now it can be re-animated, because it is life ........ ". " This is the grand enterprise I'm involved in." Keith paints the natural beauty that surrounds him. His expressive power and color harmony helps him to communicate to the viewer his profound respect for nature. "When you look at one of my paintings the first thing I desire is that you feel it." His work can be found in many corporate as well as private collections worldwide.