Larry Prellop is a native of Texas and as a youngster began his love of the water. As a teenager, he attended school, went to work, and then spent his evenings painting while he watched television. His mother, would take them to her work and would sell Larry’s paintings for $25 to $50 to her coworkers. It was during this time that he worked on and perfected his seascape paintings. His grasp of the difficult technique of portraying the gleaming surface of water has earned him a unique and special place among contemporary painters in the Southwest.

"This was the first time I realized I could make money as an artist", he said. From that point on, he began entering small arts and crafts shows, with the goal of eventually becoming a gallery artist. Although Larry is a self-taught artist, he credits Porfirio Salinas, Robert Wood and A. D. Greer as the biggest influences on his work.

Larry is known primarily for his seascapes and his paintings of nature. While he doesn't paint people, he occasionally includes animals in his scenes. In addition, he doesn't paint many buildings, although occasionally barns or windmills are depicted. "I like to focus on the natural beauty of the scenes," he explained.

Prellop’s landscapes and seascapes are well known throughout the United States and his paintings are in many private collections; among them, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, the Criterion Corporation, Southland Corporation, and the Texas Banking Association. His art is distinctly realistic whether he is capturing the quiet water of a country stream or the pounding surf of the oceans.