Paul Burkle – a very unique artist; and a very unique gentleman. His paintings take on a life of their own; independent, impressionistic, soft and compelling. His world is not like the rest of us – and that from this writer’s eyes is a compliment. Although his paintings have gained a constant notoriety, Burkle finds himself quite at home with his woodworks as well, items that range from furniture to antique creations which most can only vaguely remember. Burkle and his family – and indeed their surroundings, all impress you tremendously, just as the man you see painting the canvas. Unassuming, relaxed, happy with life and really one that never lets things get to serious. If he decides he wants to paint that day, fine – but, you might just as well find him with a piece of iron, or wood, or…….. With Paul Burkle, you are always enthralled with what his mind presents to you on any given day. The colors that you see with Burkle always attach themselves to you. They may be the laziness he paints in the clouds or the softness of the snow in his very timely winterscapes. The warmth of the nature that he allows you to involve your imagination within – that is the man at his best. We are pleased – and so very proud to offer to you the outstanding works of not only a very outstanding artist, but also a tremendously outstanding gentleman, Mr. Paul Burkle.