“I'm living a long history in creative endeavors with a deep love and great vision in interpreting the natural world. I consider myself to be a natural artisan with a God given talent for drawing, painting & photography. I equates being alive with being involved with creative mediums. Only three things in life are certain, death, taxes & Art. Being creative is to live, and to live is being creative. At least for me that is the case. My goal is to try to do something beyond myself maybe something with great meaning. I always try to use the best materials and paints available and take great pride in my work.

In the first phase of my creative life I was consumed with art of large format photography. This vision was pure in spirit and shows in a large volume of work. The B&W photography is performed by the classical traditionals.

I became intrigued with conceptual work and was very successful in completing dynamic creative original works. Eventually my evolution led to the honored tradition of painting and with great enthusiasm has taken this new study and challenge seriously. Ever evolving and always reaching for my full potential is a Way of life.

Living in Maui from the 80's till now, and having been an avid outdoors man, hiker, surfer & wind surfer most of my life, I have always been inspired by the truth, beauty and love of the land and sea.

Did you ever listen to Tchaikovsky's Symphony # 5? Throughout this brilliant work there is a reoccurring theme; at first timid and not sure of it's self. But as the music continues the theme becomes more assured and confident. The symphony ends in triumph. What I'm trying to say is that that's what my life is about. I am an eternal optimist when it comes to the power of nature being expressed and interpreted through any creative medium.”

For over two decades Ritch has exhibited in numerous juried & invitational shows and galleries and has won many awards for a outstanding creative interpretation of the natural world.

We are pleased to offer you the works of one of Hawaii’s truly up and coming stars in the art world, Mr. Ritch Dean.