Robert Kehunui
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“The Hawaii that no one sees – is the Hawaii that is real, the Hawaii that the people love in their hearts – and treasure with their souls.”

And so it is that Robert Kehunui paints – with his heart and with his soul. He takes great pride in the details that he puts on canvas as if they were parts of his fingers; the flow, the detail, the warmth of everything around him – and certainly that which you see on his canvas.

Robert has lived in Hawaii all of his life and cares not to ever leave again. He and his family live a very simple life and would not change it for anything on earth. Their children learn the ways of their parents in a way that cannot be found very often in today’s world. The youngest one sits and watches the paints as though they were toys to be shared, soaking in what lessons are being taught without a word being said.

Kehunui is a perfectionist with his art – as most good artists are. His paintings are “never good enough for someone to actually purchase one of them”…….. though it is seldom we have anything available as they do not stay around long once the public sees them.

Robert is truly a treasure of Hawaii – and we feel very privileged to be able to offer them to you, regardless of how rare that may be.