“The oceans of the world are as different as the life they support; its color, its clarity, its temperature, its look, its feel - - - -and such is the way I try to paint”

Roy Johnson has traveled the world over, painting the ocean, the islands and its people – wherever he goes. He never is without his paints or his brushes and spends hours upon hours in solitude painting. Most of Roy’s training is self taught, although through his travels of the far east, Europe and the Pacific – he has worked with numerous world artists that have impacted his styles and his colors.

While growing up, he was exposed to many different cultures as his father was in the military and the family moved very often. He recalls many hours while surfing as a youngster, just sitting in awe of the ocean around him – and all that it portrayed. When his painting became serious just after high school – he would paint as much as he would surf – having to be pulled from the ocean just to eat and sleep.

People began to notice Roy’s art very quickly – which proved to be a ‘saving grace’ in order to provide him the funds to continue his pursuit of a career of painting.

In the early 70’s, while in Australia, a patron ask him to paint a mural of the ocean on his office wall while the result developed into a huge following of his works and provided him with a launching pad to paint in a permanent location. While he enjoyed the permanency of his new found success, other islands were calling to him and his stay in Australia was short lived.

Over the years, Roy has found his “nitch” in painting the romance of islands in the pacific. His travels have carried him to Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, the Philippines, New Zealand, the Cooks – all with one thing in mind - his art. His art is exact as his desire to capture every moment of the islands.

We are indeed pleased to be able to offer to you the very rare art and the very sincere romance of the islands – as presented by Mr. Roy Johnson.