Ted Crane graduated from the University of Southern California with a specialty in architecture and became very successful in that field. However, after fifteen years, his main interest in life was being able to devote full time to his main love - art.

As an architect he could design - and draw buildings - but the other time spent in the consuming aspects of the construction industry began to wear.

Twenty years ago, Ted closed his practice and began his art career full time. Needless to say, with his many years of experience in doing professional architectural renderings, his pen and ink watercolor artwork of famous landmarks - moving into art full time was an easy transition to make. His drawings reflect the precise detail, the exact realistic proportions that Ted had learned as an architect – but now, he could put his feelings into his works and carry on.

His original drawings take from 4 to 60 hours to complete and all are done from photographs, which he takes himself while on location at any of the landmarks that he draws.

We are please to offer to you the drawings of Mr. Ted Crane.